Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Road Tomorrow

7: Sloop John B 
5: Superstar 

Answers to this mornings Seven Song Standing Climb Quick Recall of Specific
Fact  (SSSCQRSF) contest, won my Willow, who as a result of her brilliant non-random access memory and outstanding climbing acumen, wins one of the last remaining CompuTrainer/BAC club jerseys. Way to go WIll-O!!

I cannot begin to tell you how bittersweet is this gorgeous last Saturday in August. But I must try. Tomorrow is Ironman Canada and I will have to deal with the most dreaded of racing acronyms, the DNS. DNF's, Did Not Finish, are light years better than not having started at all, at least you got there and tried. But to lay your hard earned dough down, train with a focus for an entire year, make arrangements, take a logistical dress rehearsal of the bike course and boldly predict an age group win, to sadly end up sitting here typing on the eve of the 30th anniversary of this sensational event, leaves me a touch, well, disappointed. 

It is my fault. I fully pass the blame from me to I. The responsibility for this weird and stupid scenario I assume. I created it. As innocent as it was, as silly as it became and as pathetic as it will seem in five years, today it hurts like hell. I should be in Penticton with a thousand butterflies in my stomach, resting, trying to relax, with all gear checked and nothing better to do than go to bed early and await the 0330 alarm. 

Instead I prepare to head back to the pizza oven after a 90 minute spin. 

We talked some this morning about the road being the goal. About the "destination", and "the goal" being illusions, and about the practice of keeping in the present moment, relaxed and focused. About potholes, mountains, detours, flat tires and inattentive drivers having the potential to offer us the gift of growth. Challenge and its eventual hard earned wisdom is what is really important, that we learn vigilance, that we keep moving forward, that we give the best that we have to offer at all times, under all circumstances and in every race or ride. 

The taste of my own medicine is tasting bittersweet today. But down she goes. Salute!

Pix: The Pizza Oven project gets more attention today. Last night's meal, (not looking quite as good as it tasted) Tofu squares baked in Green Curry soup and ladled upon sauteed onions and garlic with fresh, local snow peas lightly heated in grape seed oil with basil and rosemary. 

Congrats to Willow, thanks to Rob for the food suggestion, go get 'em Bob, Kerry and all the old bastards in my age group. Enjoy the ride. 

This road may not take me to Penticton tomorrow, but one day it will. Cheers! 


Willow said...

What?? Really?? Wow!! I'm super excited. Thank you so much. I had no idea. I was mostly playing because you threw out a challenge and whenever that happens....well, I typically will compete.

Thank you again. You are the best. I'm sad too that you won't be competing. I fractured right before a marathon. Had to drop out. Nothing like your situation, but I know a little how that feels. Disappointed is an understatement. I'm sorry, friend.

KML5 said...

You are most welcome. Life (the road) will go on. I will be fine, and soon I hope, cause these emotions are really starting to bother me. Thanks for all your support and have a great run tomorrow. Saw Rob at the Safeway and he is excited to be running with you.

Bob P said...

Thanks for the words of encourgement. Sunday will be a long day but I'm looking forward to it. Get to work on the pizza oven- we've have yet to find a good pizza in Penticton!

KML5 said...

Have a great day 1544. Qualify for Kona and you get 140.6 free pizzas.