Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Apple Day One

Logistics day in NYC. Hotel (Newark) shuttle, AirTrain, NJ Transit, a 2.2 mile walk and I was at Pier 92 checking out the Expo site. Made it in 1:45 at the RT cost of $25. Not bad by New York standards. Everything here is supposed to happen in a minute. Stopped by Paul Levine's spectacular Signature Cycles on the Upper West Side. Paul is a custom fitter, frame builder and trip organizer. He uses the CompuTrainer for his fit tests and sizing.

On my reverse walk back to Penn Station I stopped in Hells Kitchen for a couple slices of delicious pizza Margharita. Thin, cheese like liquid white-gold perfectly balanced and with just a hint of charring underneath. Mama mia! Two slices with an ice cold water for $5. No wonder this place never sleeps.

Got some bad news form the home office today. Looks like we have lost our partner of six years on the RCV project. It is our belief that they are, and have been, negotiating with one of our competitors and wanted to orchestrate a bidding war for the filming rights to their events. My boss said, diplomatically, no. I seriously doubt I would have had that same degree of business acumen, let alone patience, or even professionalism. I would have told them, with all due respect, to go fly a kite.

And you know also that is sugar coating what I REALLY would have said.

New York City Day One Pics:

Paul's Signature Cycles fitting room. My lunch heating. Manhattan Center with ESB behind.

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ej said...

good progress there on your pizza oven