Sunday, August 5, 2012

Q de Applause

Travel Day. I am out for the Big Apple. The inaugural Ironman US Championship 

It is going to be interesting. It is also going to be a challenge. You can imagine the logistic nightmare. Four years ago we shot the New York City Triathlon, that being a scaled down version of the full IMonty (1500m/40K/10K to 2.4/112/26.2). Even then, swimming in the Hudson, riding on the Henry Hudson Parkway and running into Central Park presented a test not only of speed and skill, but of inner city orientation as well. I remember taking a road in Central Park on race day, trying to get to the finish line and coming out on the wrong side of Manhattan. I hopped in a cab and asked to be driven to the other side. Traffic was a mess and I got about twenty feet for ten bucks before I saw a landmark and bailed at an (closed to traffic) intersection. 

One can only imagine what 140.6 miles through the boroughs into Jersey, across the GWB and to the finish on the upper west side will do for the locals. I can hear the Yankee fans screaming now. 

The plan is to plan. I am working the Expo all week and should have enough intel by race day, Saturday, to create a workable battle plan. How to get where I need to get to capture enough imagery to create a story of the day. I have three cameras packed, loaded and ready to go. I know the transition points. I will decide on what money shots are possible considering the constrains. I will get to bed early Friday night as the task will require a 0300 wake up call and a 15 hour shift. Ironman requires endurance from everyone!

I plan on filming daily segments from the Expo and uploading each night. The idea being a virtual expo that you can experience at home (or work) some of the energy and excitement along with the participants and race fans. Won't THAT be fun?

Now I am seeing the opening, "LIVE from Newark (where I am staying) it's RCVman from the CompuTrainer exhibit at Ironman US Championships".

Cue the applause. Please. 

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