Thursday, August 2, 2012

In charge of change

Riffing off of yesterday's theme, we added some variation this morning. Here is the basic premise: 

We get into ruts. Routines that are sometimes not for our greater good. We were laughing the other day about repeating the same mistakes over and over, expediting a different response with each repetition. The current global scenario makes each choice we make an important one. The focus has been narrowed. The margin for error, minuscule. It is crucial that you take charge of those things you control in order to compete. We must empower ourselves. Rise up. Meet the challenge. And thrive, not merely survive. 

This can be tough. You have responsibilities. You are busy tending to all the demands on your time. When the day's work is done, the night shift punches the clock. It sometimes seems that you are working 24/7 just to hang onto a world that is spinning faster and faster. We ask, what could I possible do to initiate change into this circumstance? To quote the Floyd: Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way. 

But wait, there IS something we can do. Please remember that yesterday (and the day before) we dissected the reasons for exercise. We, taking the suggestions from John Douillard, examined (closely) his research, and found it enlightening. He postulated that exercise satisfies three basic human requirements:

1) It rejuvenates the body and cultivates the mind
2) It manages stress
3) It re-establishes communication between mind and body.

This morning, I added a fourth. IF (a big if) we can successfully execute those three, the synergy and response to the stimuli further creates a state of metaphysical euphoria known in several ethereal circles as The Flow, or the sweet-spot groove zone as we like to say. And thusly enters the spirit. This is the soul of the matter. Only obtainable with the successful addition of the three. You sync up your head with your heart, your mind with your muscle and the chances are good that you will quickly realize that change, your life, your destiny, your love and your reason for being rest in your capable hands. You control you. 

Perhaps there are things in your life that you cannot change. Maybe it's not your calling to change the world. But there will always be the opportunity for you to change you. 

I find that fact incredibly empowering. 

Pic: The CompuTrainer Multi-Rider @ Bainbridge Athletic Club white board. I need to refresh (analog:erase) the data to start anew the process. Data: Name-Average watts for 20 min FTP test > 95% = Drill sets of 2X20 @ 85% of FTP. This is one (great) way to take charge of change. EmPOWER.


ej said...

ok, i started off august with some preparatory thoughts to start exercising. out of the overeating rut and onto the...

KML5 said...

ej, Ace, your Honor, dude: You rock like no other! Say hello to Sam and Spot for me.