Saturday, September 1, 2012

Here we go

Well, here we go. Back at it. One foot in front of the other. First day of the rest of days remaining. The clock is running. I had a strange dream last night, the rare night of the blue moon. We were camping on a trail somewhere in an RV. Setting up for an event. Course markers, finish chute, hay bales, aid stations and lots of people laboring at various tasks all under my direction. There was an issue with paperwork, a necessary license, some silly (and missing) permit. I distinctly remember thinking about a workaround, suggesting a 'lesser of two evils' solution to the group leader who was looking for more 'concrete' direction. There was the usual joy of chaos, the thrill of agony and that wonderful feeling of doing the impossible. Colors were rich, sounds vibrant amid an overall texture of energy and excitement. 

I was walking back towards the RV, up a rocky slope paved with quartz flat rock sparkling in the blinding summer sun. There was a creek flowing in the opposite direction and I could hear the unmistakable sound of a nearby waterfall. The shadow of an eagle crossed my boots and I watched with wonder as the transition revealed a sleeping cougar cub. I reached to pet and was met with a snarl and found my left hand firmly in the toothy grip of the cub's mom's jaw. Didn't see THAT coming!  In an instant I noticed jaw muscles, sharp teeth, teats and something mysterious. There was no pain. I was totally calm and the cat sensed this and although three of my fingers remained in her grip, it was more of a game than a threat. Gradually I eased my fingers from the danger zone and back to safety. The cat, looking at me through huge olive and copper eyes and in a moment of complete serenity, wordlessly agreed to a draw. Peace. We stood face to face for what could have been forever. 

The path you have traveled has shown you many things. Foremost among them is kindness. You have seen the shadows and held your hand to the wind and water. You are free. You have many friends and allies. Be strong and be gentle. Continue up this path. Go now. Do not glance back. What is behind no longer exists. Your eternity is today. Your love is here. 

With one amazingly powerful leap the cat was gone. The marimbas on my alarm were signaling time. My left index finger was numb. Here we go. 

A thousand thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and the grand time at the Tree House last night. Among the many cards, gifts and rounds of Guinness, these two are special. A note from Junior including the postscript to keep nose to Pizza Oven, and one of the IMC pennants from the swim start from Bob. Thanks everyone. Thank you big cat. 

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