Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Groove zone tickets

On the flight to Reno this morning, I spied this little gem in the SWA in-flight magazine. The author is The Roots drummer, Questlove.  The header is, appropriately enough, GROOVE, he says:

    "When there's something you love and you're good at, you give your life to it. It becomes a spiritual thing, a joy thing. For me that's music. For the guy in Jiro Dreams of Shushi, one of my favorite movies, it's making sushi. He's got this little restaurant in Tokyo for like, 40 years, and it only holds 10 people. I'm having my next birthday there because I want to experience his joy."

Even though that beautiful statement needs no additional comment, the veteran VBA will immediately recognize it as a variation of one of our more prominent  themes. We do what we do for the same reasons. To experience the joy. And regardless of your religious allegiance, it IS a spiritual thing. It is us being the highest, most self aware us we can be. And that means effort, and focus and work. Because it can't just be about mind and body, there is more. There is the spirit, our soul, and the joy we experience when all three of these come running down the same street, arm in arm, laughing, singing, banging out a 16/9 groove or making sushi.

Groove zone.

Once you've been there, you want to keep coming back. Because of the sweetness of that spot. The place we enter when the BIG THREE are in alignment. Perfect alignment.

In that space there is no worry, no anxiety, no bigotry. Art and science blended to a perfect elixir of energy and peace. There is no one to be with and no one to be against. You are complete, whole and perfect. Even if it's just a snapshot, one frame of 60 per second, frozen in high definition. There is resolution and color. Crisp focus. Jackson Brown once sang about the moment of capture, when his camera happened to find 'you' with just a touch of sorrow in your eyes. A perfect imperfection. And we grow through these sorrowful moments to emerge stronger and lighter on the exit end of the tunnel. Life is like that. We practice the groove, perfect it. Experience the joy and hold on to it as if it were essential.

Because it is. What is essential to our lives is everything that brings us closer to this joy. It is found in servitude and work. Helping others up the same hill that we struggled up many months prior. Sharing our love. Seeking same. Making sure that of the BIG THREE, our spirit is on the same train with mind and body.

THIS is something we can love and get good at. Tickets please.

Pix of Questlove and my Altima rental car loaded (please note the dual cams) and ready to shoot this afternoon in North Tahoe. It went without a hitch. How could it not with those three passengers aboard? More on this later.

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