Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Article one discusses a condition known as RI, reciprocal inhibition. Means that one muscle, usually the dominant of the opposing duo, such as your hamstrings as compared to your quadriceps, do more than their share under stress. Often resulting in early onset of fatigue, bio-mechanical imbalance, cramping and often injury. One of the most beneficial steps to avoid, or lessen, the impact of RI, is to up our cycling awareness of the crucial role that balance plays. Having equal right side to left side power output. Spinning easy and smooth, and knowing what a circular rotation feels like, in ALL 360 degrees. We can practice this. Seated, standing, sprinting and climbing. Next session, take 60 seconds during each of the cycling postures and their tangent speeds and hone in on the sensation of a complete, fluid, graceful symmetry. Let the muscles complete their grand design by working in harmony to facilitate powerful movement. 

Article two illustrates the reciprocality between quads and hammys very nicely. One work-one rest, one push-one pull, wax on-wax off. The animation also shows why sometimes we get sore knees from all this movement as the muscles slide over the patella, increasing heat as friction, aka inflammation, or patellar tendinitis. Make it smooth. 

Article three is a fascinating piece on endurance, or the limits our minds, bodies and hearts have. The initial story is about Ironman ladies Julie Moss and Wendy Ingram and the second is on two Race Across America riders, Patrick Autissier and Jare Robic. I find it absolutely amazing how much more we are capable of enduring once we THINK we are tired. As you have heard me say a few times in the past (and as recent as this morning) YOU'RE NOT TIRED -- YOU JUST THINK YOU ARE. Think again.

Lastly is the embed trailer for Bicycle Dreams an award winning doc on riding a bike a long way. And the (hard earned) joy thereof. 

All for today, back to work. 


ej said...

right now i am tired :)

KML5 said...

Exercise creates energy. Kinda like fire creates light. When we think we need rest, sometimes what we really need is to go see Max. Did you see that blowhard Ryan claimed to have run a sub 3 mary? I heard today he said that he was off by over an hour because it was 22 years ago. What a tool. Hope all is well, HoM is open at 0530 tomorrow.

ej said...

I know that right too. I am just lazy when it comes to exercise and can get in a no-exercise rut. I was a tennis player, I cannot help it. Great class this morning, I was energized until about 3 pm.

I like politics because I cannot believe how some people, like my old HS pals, evaluate things. It is beyond me. Ryan is interesting for about a week - he looks like he still works at a DQ. Did you see my FB post on that a few days ago. "I have never been positive my entire running career." - Paul Ryan.

KML5 said...

The difference between the two gentlemen you reference is that one of them can THINK objectively. The other makes my hair hurt. Great work this morning.