Thursday, September 6, 2012


Nice chart and explanation of the training zones and in particular the macronutrient cost of each during training. The observant among you (estimated to be between 85 - 92%) will quickly notice what takes place in the boiler at our current 2 x 20 percentage. At 85% of FTP we sizzle carbs like cotton candy, roughly 70% to 25% fat. Those of you doing higher wattage know what this feels like. I don't have to tell you that 2 x 20 in Zone 4, demands every ounce of complex carbohydrate and concentration you can muster. Please also note in the chart that there is a direct relationship to zones, caloric consumption and "time in zone". We can stay in Z2 for hours and torch some fat in the process, but it won't add significantly to your speed or power. Conversely, we did 2 x 30 second MAX sprints this morning, adding a gear every five minutes, and at the end of the hour, we were toast. Short bursts of power create speed and strength and blow through carbs like a hurricane through NOLA. 

Which is best?

Depends on where you are. We test for functional threshold power to gain an accurate picture of current fitness. From there your weakness is improved. If you need additional base building, we do it at a controlled and manageable rate. If you lack core or leg strength, we dial it up over time, safely and consistently. The secret (if I can call it that) is to get started. NOW. Wherever you are on your physical fitness 
timeline. It is all relative. You are not a pro cyclist. Probably not a Cat 1 racer. You are you and that is who we train and how we structure the sessions.

Sadly, this takes time. We have seen fantastic results in as little as six weeks, training twice a week. It is important to not at this point that our 2 x 20 drills augment cross training. You still need strength work as well as one or two long rides per week. That is the formula to cycling success. One must do it all.

Everything, all the time, as I am fond of quoting. 

What have you got to lose? Low quality TV time, high fructose corn syrup, a muffin top, lack of vitality, low energy, inability to sustain deep REM, musclar imbalance, unmanageable stress, high cholesterol, anxiety? 

Gimme some Zone 5. 

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