Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best Caption Contest

Had an hour of free time this afternoon, so I took a cruise out east on I-80 from Reno. Didn't take very long to spot the Legends tower advertising everything available in the universe in one location (and free parking). Wandered around till I found the gigantic Scheel's All Sport store. And friends when they say all sports they aren't kiddin'. A 65,000 gallon aquarium greets customers in front of a Ferris wheel branded with suppliers, manufacturers and sponsors logos. You could ride in the Adidas or Remington coaches if you had the desire. I was in no hurry, hands behind back, strolling and looking, done with the frustrations of the early morning meetings. I was asked on at least five occasions if I needed help. I was somewhat disappointed that with the plethora of choice in retail, across the board, in, as advertised, all sports, they did not carry the CompuTrainer line of Real Course Video training products. Yes, perhaps I DO need some help.

All sports but not all products in all sports, evidently.

They also had a taxidermy display, oddly separating the gun section with the NASCAR section. For a guy who carries a distaste for zoos, imagine my appreciation of a zoo with captured, gutted and stuffed animals! But there they were, looking for the most part, a touch agitated that even in the hereafter they were still misunderstood. No peace in the animal kingdom when you stand between the NRA and auto industry!

I have been trying to think of a clever caption to use with the two shots above. Seriously I have never seen a saddle the size of the one shown. So as I sit and wait for the boarding of flight 1449 to Seattle and the end of another attempt at job creation, I put it up for grabs. YOU write the caption.

Winner, as determined by the RCV editorial board of trustees, will select the best. All decisions are final, void where prohibited, must be 21, and one entry per household.

Good luck.

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