Monday, September 17, 2012

Not fall yet

A few shots from our BI to Poulsbo and back shoot/ride yesterday. I am rendering the "A" cam footage and should have the video as well as CompuTrainer Multi-Rider course profile ready to go later today. BUT……

It appears as if we are getting some bonus sunshine this week, and with the official start of fall on Saturday, it would be criminal to take it indoors when we can stay out and play a little while longer. SO…..

We are scheduling another ride/shoot for Thursday. This time we'll do the Big Valley TT course. All willing to participate, and I need a driver too, should contact me asap or sooner. To try to keep vehicular traffic to an absolute minimum (something we failed at yesterday) we'll aim for a 1300 start from the Chevron station on BV and Highway 3, WITH…..

The footage and course data becoming the second indoor time trial event of the fall, immediately after the "Bridge and Back" TT shot yesterday and beginning next week indoors, BECAUSE…..

It will be fall. Cold, dark and unsafe and any speed. WHICH IS…..

All for today because I have a dump truck load of work to do. Have a great day. OUT.....

Bob, Garry and Tony rode the 26 miles from Bainbridge to Poulsbo and back yesterday in front of the Volvo cam car (Bluey). Thanks guys, great job. 

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