Tuesday, September 18, 2012

305 PSA

A couple of Public Service Announcements today. Actually the same one shared two different ways.

Way one: Video from Sunday's shoot. It got a little chaotic out there on the highway, congested, two-way, riders, runners and drivers all negotiating for the same limited space, some moving at relatively high rates of speed. In this case we made it through unscathed, but throw a roller-blader (or skateboarder or vagabond hitchhiking gypsy) into the mix, and look out!!!!

Way two: A reminder about the percentage of time we actually spend doing all this. Not very high. Four percent of your day. That's it. What would happen if we upped the ante to five? 

A few things to think about today. Awareness and time. 

We start the indoor time trail using the featured video in the CompuTrainer-Multi-Rider Center at the Bainbridge Athletic Club on Monday night at 1900, 7pm. You can sign up on our FB site, call the club or use the comment feature at the bottom. 

Let's be safe out there and ride hard in here. 

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