Sunday, December 21, 2008

We did it!

We rode 5 hours today to raise money for local kids. I got in 122.1 miles (as registered by the LeMond Pilot, thought by some to be less than perfectly accurate). At this early post-event point, it looks like we raised enough to buy 6 or 7 bikes. Not what we were hoping for, but hey, there will be a half dozen kids this year that will get new bikes on Christmas Eve, and that was the mission. I took the Sony camcorder and had the iPhone all five hours but still managed to come away with zero media. Guess I was preoccupied by this odd burning sensation in my quads. Seriously HUGE thanks to Harry, Diane, Eric and Lynn who came out to join in our reindeer games. And to Ted for opening the club. It's snowing again and below freezing, but tonight I have a warm heart. Thanks for letting me ride with ya...................goodnight.

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