Saturday, December 13, 2008


Another weird day in a long line of weird days. Started innocently enough with our now standard 60 minute hammer fest in the House of Pain. I then mashed out a DVD project just in time to watch the annual NBC tribute to Ironman. It is always interesting to watch as not only was I there as working media, but I know a lot of the production staff, having spent enough time in the magical grip of both Peter Henning (Executive Producer) and Madame Pele (Goddess of Fire). It is always a special trip to work the World Championships and I enjoy watching the masters ply their trade on TV exactly two months later. And you wonder why RCV's take so long????????

After the broadcast I attended the funeral ceremony of a dear friend. She was 94 when she passed on Thanksgiving Day. One of the kindest, most gentle and sincere people I have ever met. She often introduced me as her adopted son. I was lucky to say to her at the occasion of the marriage of her REAL son a few years ago that I was honored by that introduction. At that we smiled at each other and I have never seen more truth and beauty in the eyes of another human before or since. She seemed to be looking right through me and into my soul. It was a very special moment.

As I drove home in early afternoon in a light snow listening to NPR, the images of Ironman came back to memory. All the pain, suffering, hurt. And I thought about Marion and how meek and tender she was. Just as alive as Crowie or Chrissey. And I tried to draw some metaphorical connections. Like I say, it was a weird day.

Maybe living is nothing more that us in preparation for dying. Live fully, then, chase your dreams. Feel the pain. Embrace the challenge. Relish the tiny victories and celebrate the big ones. Share the love.

One day, soon enough, we will all knock on that door. Thank you Ironman and thank you Marion. Inspiration from different ends of the same spectrum.

Door photo from Nice, France. IMF race week 2008.

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