Monday, December 29, 2008


As advertised, here is another top ten list. This one about early morning workouts. Like you've never heard all this before.......Ladies, be advised that the site is wayyyyyyy overloaded with testosterone.

Here are the Cliff Notes:

  1. Builds consistency
  2. No waiting (refers to free weights or machines--not bikes)
  3. Jump start metabolism.
  4. Gives you energy.
  5. Clears your head.
  6. Regulates your appetite.
  7. Increases mental awareness.
  8. Increases discipline.
  9. Sleep better.
  10. Improves diet.

See you Wednesday at 0530.


ej said...

The Bests That I Actually Experienced in 2008 or Could Hope for in 2009 (generally following the categories listed by KML5).

Well, the first two categories below were tough as I could not without some assistance really remember any good books or movies for 2008 (kind of like Lil' Wayne for best music. Whatever happened to Rick James for heavens sake! No, second thought, don't tell me…). A very bad sign. It might also well be a sign of my age not the quality of the media, but when I asked Sam, age 8, for assistance, he could not remember any either!! So, anyway, here is my best shot after using a few research sources to jog my memory. All of the following, I actually participated in or rather enjoyed or hope to enjoy (you might say).

1. Best Movie: I kind of enjoyed in a way the 'coming of age' movies that came out in a string in 2008 including: 1) "Hot Rod", OK, this movie came out in 2007 but it did include Sissy Spacek (a well-respected actress) and a few very funny scenes. Not to be missed and not to be confused with "The Stunt Man" (a Peter O'Toole movie of considerable merit). 2) "Superbad", need I say more? and, 3) "Forgetting Sarah Marshall", not exactly 'coming of age', but right in there for silliness. I did not, somewhat ironically, forget this title but hope to in the future.

I also enjoyed some good Indie films on Comcast, but I can't remember any titles!

2. Best Book: "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini. OK, once again, this book came out in May 2007, but I did not listen to it until well into 2008. I wasted the rest of my personal choices listening to Michael Connelly lawyer/detective stuff.

I also read several excellent books to my 8 year old son Sam, e.g., including, among others, "Holes" and "Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid" (Bill Bryson growing up in Des Moines, IA and laugh out loud funny. I had to skip some chapters/parts for Sam). Finally, we listened to "Shadow Divers" in 2007, a very good book about deep sea treasure divers off the east coast of the US and worth mentioning in 2008.

3. Best Foot Race: This year it was the 'Susan Komen 5K' in Seattle largely because I did not run for 10 months prior and easily smoked most of the field anyway (largely due to a little spinning and biking).

4. Best Bike Race: 'Chilly Hilly' on Bainbridge. I know, not exactly a race either, but I had a very funny little joust with a lady rider at the midpoint which I recall resembled a race.

5. Best Music: Wow, this is tough. Music is not dead, but… I guess I'll choose anything by Shakira that she put out in 2008. She likely had a few new rock videos which should suffice. I listened to some Morcheeba, Zero 7 and some similar genre stuff (not exactly good spin music though) that was acceptable, but which I doubt came out in 2008. Otherwise, Ryan Adams, Better Than Ezra, and Gomez have a few pretty good 'older but newer' songs. I have no idea whether these bands or musicians are still performing. I think Poco could have gotten better if they didn't disband for The Eagles…I didn't put too much thought into this. Justin Timberlake is a good golfer.

6. Best Saying: I'm running out of gas. I altered this one from advice on the internet: "Worry not what you eat between Christmas and the New Year, but only that which is consumed between the New Year and Christmas." This 'saying' helps me rationalize the huge pie, all the cheese, etc. that I ate over the holidays.

7. Best Exercise Goal: Get light and strong enough to run a 5K under 19 minutes while keeping running to a minimum (for training). Maybe participate in some triathalons.

8. Best Past-time: Playing outside with Sam. Spinning in the House of Pain. Chasing the cats around.

9. Best Thought for Future: World Peace; healthy people and polar bears, etc.

10. Best Hope for Future: Health and Happiness for everyone.

KML5 said...

X2 on Bryson, Sarah Marshall and Gomez. Also congratulations on your racing success'. Thanks for your ever astute comments.