Sunday, December 21, 2008

Update #271

Coupla updates this beautiful snowy Sunday morning. First is this one: therefore we at RCVman HQ officially post the correction as to our citing the cordovan Wing Tip as the shoe of choice among war protesters. Seems that the Ducati Model 271 holds that distinction. We stand corrected. Secondly......

The Second Annual BAC Christmas Spin scheduled to begin a scant two hours from now, is in danger of being snowed out. Seems at this point that nobody can get to the club to open the doors.......I'll keep trying. We also concocted a Plan B backup yesterday involving RCVman spinning at home for 100 miles and doing a "live" update once an hour over on the RCVman YouTube site Well (update 2.1) a power outage this morning, or last night, has knocked out the G5 responsible for RCV HD video editing, so we are down to this........the RCVman blog site! Could be worse. So, stay tuned folks, starting at ten (PST) we will be spinning somewhere for five hours, 100 miles or $5,000, (whichever comes first) all to raise money to buy local kids new bikes for Christmas. And YOU can help. If you want to pledge towards the cause, just hit the comments button below and leave me a response as to who you are and how much you would like to contribute. Easy enough, eh?

I wonder if there is a Ducati Model 271 cycle shoe??????

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