Thursday, December 18, 2008

ONCE in a lifetime Deal

OK, folks. HERE is the deal: WTC (World Triathlon Corp.) owners of Ironman (insert trademark icon here) following the implicit instructions of former owner and founder John Collins, stage an annual lottery so that the poor triathletes that will never be able to qualify for this prestigious endurance event at least have a "chance" (150 people are selected) to participate via the annual Ironman lottery ($35 to enter). And although the odds are not very good (I have entered five times and have yet to race there), yet another reminder from their lotto department reminded me today that there is still time to enter (Feb 28 is last day).

In conjunction with this, as I was discussing CompuTrainer training with Pro Triathlete Spencer Smith yesterday, the value of the current sale (INCLUDING ZERO FINANCING FOR ONE YEAR) at CT, got me to thinkin'.

Why not sponsor a deserving athlete by getting them a CT thru this incredible deal, set them up with a killer training schedule, get them fit and in race shape NOW (as the snow flies) and then, if they are happy with the results (which are guaranteed) come spring when we can again ride joyously outside, they pay for the product -- and use the results. Really, that is the value of CompuTrainer (and indeed all indoor training) to get fit NOW, to be race ready come June and July. Then coupled with the Ironman lottery..............

Is the offer du jour for the loyal readers of RCVman exclusively:

Buy a CompuTrainer today (offer ends Dec. 31) with zero financing. (And get a free RCV as part of the deal, btw).
Enter the Ironman lottery.
Start your training.
When the lottery winners are announced, if you win a slot, the fun will begin as myself, Spencer Smith and The Triathlon Coach, Simon Ward, will assume the duties of your personal on-line coach in order to get you to the finish line on Alii Drive on October 10, 2009.
And, whatever remaining balance you have on your CompuTrainer will mysteriously disappear.

IS THAT A DEAL, or what??????

Sign up by clicking on the comments tab below and sending me a ONE SENTENCE explanation as to why you think that YOU SHOULD WIN this ONCE in a lifetime deal from RCVman (and Co.). We will select one winner on March 1.

All others just get fit, faster and with less cash out of pocket.

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