Monday, December 8, 2008

New waterview

Both of you know that my secrets to happiness lay in two areas. In order to enjoy this mysterious and fleeting emotion you must first have good health, and secondly, good neighbors. Everything after that is icing on the happiness cake. If you doubt this, go ahead and try to dispel and report back with your sob stories. I've heard 'em, so please, take this as gospel.

This afternoon as I was finishing up putting down the felt underlayment and flashing for the new roof, my neighbor Frankie strolled by asking if I needed anything from Costco. I quickly scribbled my usual order (soy milk, peanut butter and bread) on a 2x6 scrap and then asked him to come take a look at what I had unwittingly discovered.

The 3x6 window (that just might end up being the new kitchen replete with Italian pizza oven) winked at the slightest of peek-a-boo water views through his beautiful Korean laurel, cedar and hydrangea hedge. I told him I feel like I should call the county and have the accessor come out to take a look because I'm probably not paying enough in property taxes now that I can actually see Puget Sound from the new Phase 93 space. We both laughed.

I came inside to check e-mails, (as lot's of coaches are wanting CT deals and RCVs, but still no word from St. Croix), had a cup of coffee and went back out to stock the roof when I heard a familiar sound. It was Frankie busy with his pruning shears enlarging the peek hole in the hedge.

Imagine, my neighbor was trying to improve my QOL by trimming his hedge in the middle of winter! I am here to tell ya folks, spinning hard and a pair of GREAT neighbors will do wonders for your happiness quotient.