Thursday, December 11, 2008

Venalities vile Vanity

This is the cover of the January 2009 Vanity Fair featuring a red, white and blue clad Tina Fey. I got it in the mail yesterday as a promo offer and immediately put it on the kitchen table where media of this nature gets a scan over coffee, post workout cereal (with protein powder and bananas) during seated periods of rest and recovery. What caught my eye in this issue was the intro letter from editor Graydon Carter. If you are still a Bush apologist PLEASE do not read any further, (or maybe you should), but if you want to hear what those felons are attempting to do to US in the last days of an eight year reign of terror, click here:

"...from the first day in office, the Bush administration has done everything it could to turn the nation's public land and water over to the exploitative, polluting interests that helped put it in power."


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ej said...

Vanity Fair is doing a Sarah Palin come on. I wonder what they offered her. And, I thought the woman from Friends was on the cover (and else where)this month. As for Bush and his buddies, I just hope that they weren't doing what they thought was (and may be) necessary to prevent Chinese occupation in the next decade.