Sunday, December 28, 2008

A Fine 2009

I'll admit to liking top ten lists as much as the next blogger, but in the interest of making a new or different contribution to the annual collection, here we present the RCVman "TEN OF TEN THOUSAND THINGS" list. A farrago of items we stumbled across in 2008. Not to be confused with the triathlon film of the same name (Farrago) released in 2005 (to little popular acclaim). On then with the list.

TEN of TEN THOUSAND THINGS discovered (or re-discovered) in 2008:

  • 1) The Time Travelers Wife. A remarkable book by Audrey Niffennegger. Absolutely no connection to the HG Wells method of time travel I assure you.
  • 2) The Dark Knight. Best movie in the total entertainment category. Saw it in Lake Placid and then at my 'home' theatre the following week. My sole criteria: Expert filmmaking.
  • 3) Ironman Canada. Best Ironman on this Planet (and I've seen, done or filmed most of 'em). One loop swim, one loop bike and an out and back run in the Paradise called Penticton.
  • 4) Idaho. Best Half Ironman. With the 70.3 events popping up like spuds, this one took the top tater award. I love Boise.
  • 5) Wake of the Flood. Grateful Dead. Stella Blue and Row Jimmy. Nuff said.
  • 6) "Remarkable things can be accomplished simply through persistence."
  • 7) The wisdom of the body. High Intensity workouts. Endorphin flow before sunrise.
  • 8) Playing chess with my nephew Elliott.
  • 9) Knowing that I have lots (LOTS) more to do.
  • 10) Hoping, wishing, praying that one of these days, I'll get it right. (That's three, I know)
  • (Revision to Number 10 by Anonymous) It's right right now. Thank you anon (although I beg difference--SOME of the ten thousand are right, not all.)

It was a great 2008
Here's to a fine 2009.


ej said...

I might come up with ten of my own. I like that persistence one. Denver needs some of that at the moment and a lot of luck. How about 'blogging' or even reading blogs as number one as others have commented:

Anonymous said...

Since you've got two more days (well, maybe 1.5), in the spirit of "discovery" why not revise Number 10 to read: Believing enough in yourself to trust that you do have it right.


KML5 said...

Consider it revised. Thank you.

Flying Wheels said...

Re #8, did Elliott play black?

KML5 said...

I was wondering if anybody would notice that, too funny. Check Mate, Dude.