Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tree House

I have always liked tree houses. So much so that I built one upstairs as part of the 1992 Phase 23 (I think) construction project. It's a small rectangular space with matching fixed-pane-wood-sash windows that are the shape of Idaho. All the trim wood was recycled from my neighbors guest cottage and I built in a desk and captains bunk. It is cozy and is mainly used as a guest room, although it was my office for a while when Phase 24 was beginning (Ah, I mean waiting for the work permits). When the wind gusts, the encased 300 foot fir tree pushes against the frame to rock you gently to sleep.

So imagine my interest when I came upon this little gem from New Zealand (it is actually a restaurant) today while searching for the phone number of the Tree House Cafe to order a pizza. As a Phase 93 update, the roof sheathing is on and the cammy tarps are on---let it rain.

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