Wednesday, December 24, 2008

RCVman cometh

The Exploder is certainly paying for its dented and decaying self this week! Out into the wet and wild streets of BI we intrepidly slid to pick up the bikes at Classic Cycle (power was out downtown) where Jeff, Kevin, Gavin and Paul all helped load up and pack out. Then to the store (nightmare) for the Big Night groceries and Frankies prescription refill, and finally over to the recipients of the first two bikes, Alex and Lucas. In the process the winds are coming up, the snow is turning to slush and the temps are rising. We're not out of this thing yet folks. The big delivery day is tomorrow, but here are a few photos from todays joy-ride ntl.

BIG thanks to Classic Cycles for getting us the bikes and helmets at cost. Jeff is shown here in front of tree and cycle at the shop.

We bred a National Champion and T&C is letting people know about it on their big marquee.

Lucas is Happy Boy Number One with his new Trek MT 220. He looks ready to be the next name on the marquee.

Peace all. The Exploder sails again on the morn.


Flying Wheels said...

You must be referring to Gavin. ;-)

KML5 said...

I was, and I am. Thanks for the correction, updated and apologetic. Keep the Toyota bolts greased and tight!!!!!