Monday, December 29, 2008

King of the Mountain

Well now. As many of you have inquired over the last few weeks, the 2009 RCV shooting schedule has been in flux since the economy tanked. Shoot more? Spend more? Add more? Or cut back? Those were the questions at hand heading into the Holiday buying season, the traditional time that CompuTrainer sales peak. After all, there's snow and ice (and darkness and irritated motorists in big cars) out there. Our model has always been to train indoors when this fat hits the shan. And, we've done pretty well with this model when times were good, as captured in this video clip:

But when things like house foreclosures, lost 401Ks and the complete meltdown of the Big Three tumble to the table, what then? Will the belt tightening include $1,500 indoor trainers (and the adjacent use of RCVs?).

I have been keeping nose to the St. Croix RCV grindstone for weeks now and haven't spoken with a soul at HQ since my last visit before Thanksgiving. Until this afternoon.

Seems we set an ALL-TIME sales record for December. And when I say ALL-TIME that goes back almost 30 years. All vacations were cancelled, peripheral parts were ordered from tertiary vendors and all systems were on red alert overtime to get the product out the icy doors and into the hands of our plethora of new users.

Congratulations CompuTrainer, you are still KOM!

Now about that shoot schedule.........

(Top photo from 2007 Tour of California, Stage 5, King of Mountain)


ej said...

Kathy from New Mexico has your best sales pitch: "Its like being on vacation!"

KML5 said...

Just so you know, the "dramatic" conclusion (Part II) is here:

KML5 said...

CT deal? Ends Wednesday, COB.

Triathlon Coach said...

Great to read about the inside story of the "RCV" man. Thanks for the insight and keep up the great vids.