Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Calories and YOU

ONE HOUR in the House of Pain =

There was much discussion this morning after class regarding calories "burnt" during our high intensity session (HIS) or the humongous ergo rally (HER), either acronym will work for this exercise. Take a look at the handy chart on the link and then do this: Change your average heart rate and re-calculate after each change. Then examine the difference in the calories spent total. See anything interesting? A trend perhaps? Then, for the sake of this example, think of what we do in class. We start out (kinda) slow, ramp it up (can you hear The Who), recover (with decreasing duration) and repeat for 50 (on average) minutes. Intervals. High Intensity Intervals. So when you look at this chart, and it asks for your average HR, we must take this into consideration and do a much finer detailed analysis because of our constantly changing interval training and its impact (to the positive) on our "average". Does this help any?

Regardless, and I have said this often, the two other items that are just as important as calories spent in our sessions, are diet and finding something (hopefully this) that will keep you coming back after your recovery to burn more calories. And I don't care how many. Just burn 'em. And keep burning 'em. 1-2-3-4.


ej said...

Gee that burger looks greAT! The really good thing about spinning is that I can eat whatever I want and still maintain a modicum of fitness. Here is some holiday cheer:

KML5 said...

I told you about my pesto pizza Saturday night? A guy's gotta splurge every once in a while, no? We'll go extra hard tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Tony said...

Switching gender shows a huge difference in calories burned, everything else being equal. I wonder if this is one of the contributing factors in the longer lifespan of women as a population?