Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Backyard Blizzard

The House of Pain prior to our Indoor Century fund raiser.

Skinny fingers of ice from my gutters.
Should I wait till Spring???? Nah.
Along with our yearly dusting, we had below freezing weather, with a low of 18, a power outage, DSL interruption and more snow. Truly going to be a White Christmas. We raised enough to buy six bikes and helmets for local kids and Thursday I get to outfit the Exploder, don the Santa cap and deliver. Ho Ho Ho. I will try my best to use the camera this time. Here are a few samples of the last 48 hours, filed under: Blizzards, backyard. Stay warm folks, today is a great day for an RCV ride.

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ej said...

Man, those cold ones look good. I'm thinking I made a mistake buying Mirror Pond at Costco today. Way to go Santa!