Thursday, December 31, 2015

That's a Wrap

I cannot think of a better way to wrap things up. This will do that. I suppose I could revisit each of the almost 720 posts that comprised the two-year streak and pick the ten that I consider to be exemplary, exciting or enticing enough to honor a top ten, but I would rather move forward and splash some new colors to canvas, bold hieroglyphics to cave wall.

In that spirit of homage, gratitude and progress, here is something that we might be able to take with us into the rigors and delights of the new year. Yeah, I am going to ask the fat lady to sing a top ten aria as curtain closes.


(Please raise your right arm and repeat after me)

  • 1) NO meat.
  • 2) MO water.
  • 3) MO greens.
  • 4) MO movement.
  • 5) NO excessive use of toxins.
  • 6) MO (way mo) INTENSITY.
  • 7) MO epic, audaciousness, gumption, focus, joy (OK that was 5)
  • 8) MO tolerance.
  • 9) NO fear.
  • 10) MO forgiveness.

Good luck and God speed my friends. It has been a wild ride, one I fully plan on taking to dramatically higher levels in 2016.

Please join me.

That's a wrap.

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