Monday, December 21, 2015

Day12.265 Pooh Bear Motivation

We discovered something new this morning.

Earlier in the session I mentioned that of the many elements of a song, the one that impacts me even more than lyrical content is sincerity of delivery. I first came into awareness of this unusual criteria while listening to a tune called Midnight Getaway by Jerry Garcia some thirty years ago. Jerry opened my eyes and ears to many 'alternative' ideas, the element of vocal sincerity of delivery but one.

As Seal delivered a painfully emotional rendition of Kiss from a Rose, I blurted that we needed to go inside a little and think about honesty. How a sincere effort paves the way for advancement, gain, experience and growth. From the standpoint that lack of sincere effort sabotages our progress, the 'going through the motions' argument is particularly poignant at 0530 on a rainy Monday morning.

One step led to another and I was ad libbing in 6/8 time asking the assembled to come up with a one word description of their reasons for being in the room this fine morning. In other words, what is our motivation.

Another brutally honest out of spin genre song sounded crisp and pure in this new light despite the lyrics being from a children's book, something about a honey jar being stuck on the nose of a bear I recall. YOU try singing that straight!

The brutal set was done, we were warming down, endorphins flowed like chilled wine at a wedding.

I asked for some silent responses on the question of motivation, finishing with the confession that it was a trick question.

Because if we are able to successfully call upon our inner coach, truly hearing the response wrapped in a one word answer as to our motivation…..

… is right.

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