Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day12.264 Radical Sustainability

Maybe we should call it 'radical sustainability'.

The premise surfaced again yesterday as an endorphin powered metaphor for competition. Competition with self in this case, defined as the conscious act of going head to head, face to face in hand to hand combat with the shadow side of ourselves that wants to negotiate a compromise.

That compromise of course being the timeless debate over what defines us. In the heat of battle (yesterdays proxy for a sustained standing climb with big-boy resistance under the spell of the symptoms of fatigue) we render options to two:

1) We can find that 'something' that sustains our effort and carry on, or,
2) We can cave to compromise and buy the sales pitch offering immediate relief.

In my example I called that 'something' competition. We compete with our fine selves in order to find meaning. To get the correct answer to a very big question. I argued that competition is that something. We compete. We fight. We do not surrender. We do not give up. We find our best.

And in so doing, we become stronger, fitter, more confident and in many cases more humble, as we empirically see the fragile humanity of our corporal- psyche- spirit nature. We are weak. We get sick. Eventually we all die.

But today we fight. Today we compete. Today we live.

That is the competition of which I reference. The growth, power, lasting value of developing a default attitude of getting the best from what we have. In any circumstance, on any occasion and under any degree of duress.

Making this definition of competition synonymous for radical sustainability.


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