Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Day 12.259 Struggle as Growth?

Someone once suggested that struggle is just another name for growth.

I know from experience, most of recent, that if this adage was a literal absolute, that many of us would be 100 feet tall.

It seems that everything these days contains struggle as a prerequisite. Maybe that is good - you know - like paying dues. One must go through a little bit of hell before riding up to the pearly gates.

But non-stop struggle? Everywhere?

And to be clear, I am talking about the financial side of the coin here. Good God the deck is stacked. I went through the now obligatory Affordable Health Care drill last week and talked to some folks about their experience and it is universal - we are getting the short end of the shaft.

To be fair and balanced (!) with regard to health care, we have come a long way. But there remains a huge amount of ground to cover before we get anywhere near affordable. It is not the President's fault, IMHO it is the military- industrial-market place of the pharmaceutical-medical-insurance complex to blame. Pardon the horrid pun, but they are making sick profits as sick people die of indigent influenza. You know, the poor perish.

Talk care of your sons and daughters America. Make affordable health care - REAL affordable care - part of the fabric of freedom. You are making criminals of hard working, tax paying, honest families who simply haven't the cabbage to grow this crop.

Asking a family to cough-up more money for less coverage as inflation eats everything else in sight, using the threat of tax penalties, is more fascist than denying passage to immigrants or building brick walls as border impediments.

I am ashamed. I am sad. I worry for our future.

But at least I know I am growing with each passing day.

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