Saturday, December 12, 2015

Day12.256 Pass the Pepper

Deciding to live dangerously is not a novel concept. People do it all the time. It adds spice, peppers the palate.

But it isn't easy. What IS easy is getting into a rut. Doing the mundane, settling for routine, mislabeling the status-quo as success.

If you can honestly assess your life and consider whatever bottom line is meaningful to you, if your passions are realized, and if you receive daily feedback suggesting that your choices are truthful to your calling…

…keep at it! Share it with others and spread the love.

But if it isn't…

…get after it!

Break some rules, step outside - way outside - your current zone of comfort. Do something different, travel somewhere, enter a race, take a class, learn to meditate.

Life is waaaaaaaaaaay too brief to settle for normal.

It is both rhetorical and literal that your health, as mine, could get on the next bus and split town. I still manage moments where my heart, now regulated by a electronic device, feels like the next beat may be the sound of the dramatic conclusion. How miserable I would feel if I was to spend what reaming time I have in this earthly paradise, doing the mundane, routine, boring and conservative?

Very miserable I assure you. So….

I am planning another epic bike trip. Details to follow but from April 16 of next year to June 5 I will be riding to Knoxville, TN, for the Rev3 Tri and then on to Lake Quassy, CT for the Rev3 triathlon there. It appears to be a total of about 3,700 miles.  In 38 riding days of approximately 95 per day. Stay tuned.

And pass the pepper please.

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