Monday, December 14, 2015

Day12.257 Why Not?

(ED Note: Power AND Cable were out yesterday due to storms, this is Sunday's post)

Exactly the feedback I was looking for, thank you.

Anonymous took the time yesterday to tell me that my plan, the one leaked yesterday on this very site, the one about riding 3,700 miles to Tennessee and then on to Connecticut for a couple of minor-league half-ironman triathlons, was, what did he (assuming it was a he), call the plan, a waste of time? And that if I really wanted, as I put it, adventure, challenge, meaning and fun, that I should ditch the bike and walk. He went on to use rhetorically colorful terms such as the ones that a retired General used in reference to his former boss last week. You know the ones.

I am pleased that my little plan created such an emotional reaction, and I apologize to anonymous and to everyone else who feels that this endeavor is somewhat less than spectacular. I wholeheartedly admit that it is.

It is not running an ultra. It is not riding from Juneau to Tierra del Fuego. It is not swimming from Cuba to Miami. It is not scaling Mt Rainier, finding a cure for the common cold, ending needless political wars, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked or finding affordable housing for the homeless.


Something that I can do. Something that contains both a plan for the future, the need to train and prepare in the present and the faint possibility of creating some petty cash flow in the future. Additionally it has that 'something' that has captured my imagination, a double-shot of chutzpa with a attitudinal back.

I know it's crazy. I know I could take a more celebrated route, find a cause and raise awareness or set a new masters speed record, should there exist one. But those are not my whys.

My why, added to the ones listed above, is simply this:

Why not?

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