Saturday, December 5, 2015

Day 12.249 The Realm of the New

The realm of the new.

A fascinating article made its way to my screen a few days ago. Its mere presence has created powerful change. I will attempt explanation using the metaphor of hitting the eye of the bull.

Draw string. Aim.

For a while now I have extolled the virtues of time. Brazenly even overstepping my bounds with dearth of explanational depth. I am not a astrophysicist. I get headaches every time I try to consider distances in light years.

But THIS I know: When we preform smooth, groove-zone sweet-spot sets, time is linear. Five minutes is five minutes. I empirically understand this as 'normal, regular, longitudinal and linear.' You know it too.

BUT, as soon as, the very nanosecond, that we intrepidly venture outside our contort zones, things change. Shit happens.

AND FIVE SECONDS SEEMS LIKE FIVE MINUTES. That is the reality of our experience in that space at that time. Anything but linear. Shit is happening FAST.

With this pseudo scientific sampling of shinola, we segue to another time related phenomena. This one regarding the awareness, the sensation, the feeling that time is speeding up. The example I used this morning in spin class was of all the shinola that has passed under the bridge since the 1967 release of Magical Mystery Tour. Ta da.

Remember that year? Remember 1977, 1987 and 1997? Even in 2007 we were still doing fun new stuff, were we not?

But something happened. We got into a routine. We started doing the same shit day after day after day. There is accumulation instead of experimentation. Even if we were banking high sixes, the fresh, the dangerous, the risky, the demanding was missing. We got bored. As we got fat and lazy.

All because our goals had been realized, our journeys completed and our dreams achieved. We had the house, the three cars, the kids all graduated from college and the portfolio robust enough to sustain the lifestyle for another thirty or so years.

Nothing to look forward to but birthdays, anniversaries and martinis after rounds of golf.


I will now provide for you a solution. Not the only one, but one none-the-less.

Bring your perception of time back into the realm that we can control. The now.

Put 100% of your concentration into this. Whatever THIS happens to be.

We can practice this eternal, provocative and life changing skill every time we decide to saddle up and ride. That puts the power back into the now. It is new precisely because you have never done this, LIKE THIS before. What a great challenge. This old dog learning the most important trick of all time.

This is a game changer folks. And the time is now.

The realm of the new.

Coo co ca choo.

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