Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day 12.263 Shame Me

There is nothing like the feeling of completion. There is no shame in jubilation.

You have done something.

Hopefully, something hard, real, challenging.

You glow with approval knowing that at any one of several critical points along the way you could have quit, packed the tent and headed to the artisan bakery. You could have played the I am too busy and gotta go card.

But you hung in there, stuck it out and now bask in the endorphin powered, dopamine flavored, pure, organic and sweeter than Tupelo honey glory of your achievement.


I love these moments, and routinely go in search of them. Could be a jones, a habit, a laughing monkey riding my back or simply a healthy lifestyle choice. I don't know - and I don't care. Their value is incalculable in a way that reminds my brain who is really in charge.

We worked our butts off this morning in a relentlessly wicked 90 minute spin session. Afterwards Junior and I came within one minute of setting new PRs on our weekly duathlon. After that I was walking in the dairy section of the local below average market en route to the plain yogurt (with zero sugar) into which I dip a 20gram protein bar, when I ran into an old pal.

How have you been? I inquire. Been awhile.


Well that's good.

Yeah but it has taken a toll on my fitness.

That will happen, can you carve one hour a day to balance the load?

I could. I mean I can. I mean I will.

Do you want me to remind you every so often?

How about weekly?

I could haunt your in-box with reminders.

That would work.

Park my truck in your driveway like a debt collector.

Yeah. You know what would really work?


Shame me.

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