Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Day 12.273 One Dynamic Duo

Audacity and vigor.

As dynamic a combination as you will find. Kinda like Batman and Robin. Gehrig and Ruth, Maris and Mantle, Lennon and McCartney, Koulfax and Drysdale, Browning and Gaskin. The latter just getting started and still only teen agers, but you get the idea. Dynamic Duos.

Build a complex, compound synergy of attitude and execution and you are gold. Set a target, commit to it, take the first step and keep going.

You might be surprised by the allies you will encounter along the path. Because the universe loves a challenge and folks on a mission. We call it a quest. Some call it the grand adventure and others call it seeking personal legends.

Whatever you call it - and truthfully it requires no name - the first days are the hardest days. BUT YOU MUST BEGIN.

With the somewhere being here and the sometime being now. At whatever stage of fitness, health and successful navigation on the treacherous waters of life you happen to find yourself today, a mere 48 hours from the new year.

Yes, you have LESS THAN TWO DAYS, to come to grips with lethargy and fear. In what may be the best line ever delivered on screen Colonel Jessup nailed it with YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH. He was right and it is true.

We tend to see the world not so much as it is, but as we are.

I will ask of myself the same as I will ask of you. Let us be strong, get stronger, be light, and become leaner, be quick and get faster. WE CAN DO THIS.

If we want to.

If you aren't ready to handle the truth, if you are satisfied with where you are, or if you have tossed the towel, I beg of you to reconsider.

Here is one option, we discussed it yesterday and it will be the Day 1 feature on the new site. We are calling it the 10/10 plan. Loose 10 pounds and gain 10 watts. IN A YEAR! I can (almost) guarantee with conscientious adherence to the daily protocols, you will hit this modest milestone by the Fourth of July. Who knows what we are capable of in those five remaining months.

Ten less and ten more. One measured on the scale and the other by wattage output.

We begin on Friday.

Plan with audacity and execute with vigor.

Holy dynamic duo.

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