Monday, December 7, 2015

Day 12.251 The Door Was Shut

"Bainbridge Island intercepted the 14th part about midnight (west coast time), and teletyped it on to Washington. The Army did the decryption of this part, which was in Japanese, and the services shared the distribution around the capital in accordance with usual practices."

Seems as how I am sitting in a former Army barracks BOQ (Bachelor Officers Quarters) and that today is the 74th anniversary of Peal Harbor, I think it appropriate to delve a little deeper into a few interesting details that took place leading up to that infamous day. A portal to the past, if you will.

This Army/Navy facility, remnants of which still stand, played an important role in that skirmish, often sited by military historians as one of the most pivotal battles in our sordid history of war.

Fort Ward on Bainbridge Island, my current location, was assigned code breaking detail. And our mission was successful. We knew of the pending surprise attack on Pearl Harbor before it took place.

Conspiracy theory or historical fact? For the sake of this exercise I will take the latter. With the conspiracy dots connected between Pearl and 911 - as both Roosevelt and Bush plus their military-industrial brain trust, went looking for a suitable, and profitable, reason to engage.

So we break the Japanese code, follow the proper channels, hoist it up the chain of command, and, and…..



Why is that door still shut?

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