Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Day 12.266 Accuracy and Trurth

It mirrors the reflection with accuracy and truth.

As I sit and attempt to improve my typing acumen and its result, quality content, the pond ripple slowly and gracefully moves towards me. I watch and try to understand why the vision is so powerful and if the goal is simply the enjoyment of this majestic moment or if there is another underlying message trying to move my attention deeper. It is showing myself back to me yes, but what truth is revealed?

I head back to the kitchen for a refill. In pouring the smoking black liquid into my favorite ceramic mug, Kalua-Kona, Hawaii, Oct. 13, 2012 it reminds me, I think about the sensation I currently sip and taste. And like a double-shot of espresso the pond ripples land. I have finished my morning ritual, on-line news, social media and electronic communications, ending with a dynamic motivational video hyping the upcoming Heart of Dallas football game on Saturday.

I feel good - but incomplete somehow. And I wonder why.

I take a look out the window and see a slight layer of frost decorating each blade of grass as the morning winter sun, here on the first day of winter, beginning to burn a hole through the darkness.

I slurp and admire a serenity bereft of complication. Still, something is missing.

I walk back to the situation room, place my mug carefully atop the coaster that rests on the glass desktop like a helio pad, and consider my place and our time.

Pond ripples begin to fade.

I need to contribute. Like the pond, like the pebble, like the farmer that picks the coffee beans, like the frost on the lawn and like the Husky football team that get one more chance to prove to their teammates how courage and effort from one mirror them all. Ripples of emotion, graceful and true, expanding outward in powerful liquid quasars of right action.

It is the difference between watching and doing. I see, absorb, witness, learn, listen, cheer, support and assess.

Resulting in an imperative to do.

An urgent imperative to put these images and inklings as lessons into play and see what quality of mash-up is created with the inclusion of my consciousness. My personal and unique spin on what the reflection of the ripples commands of me.

I want to be a actively engaged in this miracle.

A desire I trust to contain, through relentless practice, a degree of accuracy and truth.

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