Sunday, December 6, 2015

Day 12.250 Cross Fading Begins

I am going to start the cross-fade. In film editing terns this is a common technique to segue from one frame to the next. Or, as in this case, from a frame ending one sequence to what follows. In this process the passage of time is reflected while the old dissolves into the new. When done well, it is a powerful visual reminder of the power of change.

A few examples might include a cross fade from night to day. Or from the outside of a building to the inside. Or from one person dreaming about another while the scene travels from rainfall to sunlight. You get the idea.

My cross fade is more symbolic and moving from one medium to another.

We are in the last few days of 2015. Twenty-five left to be exact.

Over that period of three weeks and change, I will begin to move from this journaling style of blogging to a more video based format in conjunction with our new site. The imagery could show fingers at a keyboard giving way to a camera on location framing the talent.

I will be the first to admit that this is risky. Assuming the role of primary talent and going 'live' every day, is venturing into a zone well outside my current pattern of pulling the chair closer to screen, cracking knuckles and trying to start a post with something other than a definite article.

We have been shooting test video all week trying to get the best light, color temp and audio in order to create elements that portray professional quality. I am 100% responsible for content.

In my broadcast days we used to laugh at the insult that so and so has a face made for radio.

All the initial tests indicate that we might be better off doing a podcast than video, but the hell with it I say. Roll the cameras. What have we to lose? Humiliation is my middle name (Michael being way to conservative).

On the new site I am going to share what I have experienced over the last four decades. I want to make it interesting and entertaining. I want to provide the sum of my understanding as a way to motivate and inspire. I want YOU to do something in return. I want you to reply, get involved and provide me (us) with feedback and commentary. Share the story and make us laugh (or cry).

That way we all benefit.

It's like a cross fade.

From the old to the new.

And it starts with this frame.

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