Monday, December 28, 2015

Day 12.271 The Ticking Clock

Herding the water-fowl (being a Husky fan refuse to use the D word) into formation (a row), we set sights on 2016 and its myriad opportunities. Long time readers can skip to the end as the textual fill today can be classified into a single category of which you are surely aware.


Power-to-weight. That ratio again. It is so important that I am toying with the idea of making it our single focus for the entire year. The 2016 Primary Objective. It is my feeling that PTW improvements not only provide extraordinary health, fitness and enhanced performance results, but contain in their tactical execution all of the elements that we detail on a regular basis. Things like getting in regular exercise sessions that push the adaptation quotient, choosing high density proteins as fuel, hydrating properly, managing stress without toxic chemicals, recovering well and sleeping better.

Yeah, those things.

With the 'Day of the Resolution' here on Friday, I thought that it might be motivational and relevant for me to come up with some type of formula for you/us to achieve ONE REALISTIC GOAL for the 365 that will comprise 2016.

Hence the PTW intro.

Let's take a closer look. What if I was to suggest a goal of 10/10? Ten pounds less fat and ten watts more power? Know what? I would (might) kill for that. Point being in regard to the overall value associated. Healthier and fitter, faster, lighter and stronger. Big time stuff.

The challenge of course is to devise an algorithm that would be applicable to everyone. All sizes and shapes, genders and ages, cowboys or hippies, Dawgs or Ducks.

While I would be happy with a net 10/10 there are some that NEED more like 25/5. Or maybe 5/25.

As I sit at the laboratory desk today and watch the cauldrons bubble and hiss, this is my challenge; FIND THAT ALGORITHM!!!

Find it fast and put it into play.

The clock is ticking.

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