Saturday, November 21, 2015

Day 11.235 Both

I am sitting at my makeshift desk. It is uncluttered, with only my monitor, keyboard, mouse and notebook atop.

I am toying with some obscure phraseology in the attempt to elicit some meaning. Or at the very least, a catchphrase, haiku or pun.

My finders are cold and spellcheck is laughing at me.

The challenge is to put the meaning in the middle. For a while now I have been using imagery that I find appropriate in spin class. Not the tired "see yourself strong in the saddle" or the worn "be the bike", but "stuck in the balance between the here and the now".

I really like that one.

So I start riffing with its potential for variation. I am noodling with a treatment that I can use with the effect of consideration and a result of compliance. Maybe raise an eyebrow or even some consciousness.

I am stuck on the ways we can pay homage to the power of the now. I consider the possibilities:


All good. But they each fail, mostly due to the fleeting presence of the reality we call the now. How, the heck, can I enact love in a time so short?

I am scratching my chin with the keyboard, combinations flowing free-form like Kerouac  typing on a roll of bleached wrapping paper so as not to break the stream of his brilliant consciousness.

And it hits me. Hard. A Bruce Lee lightening like one-inch punch to the chops.

The only way we can truly give the present moment the respect it is due, to graphically salute its power and perfection, to prove our wisdom of the ways of the universe, to glimpse at the meaning of IT ALL and to marry into the oneness of everything, is to…


As soon as I have written this I begin the initial test verify its veracity.

And I can't stop. I am laughing so hard, so loud and so uproariously that I must go wash the tears from my face. And I laugh at that. I fear the neighbors might call the cops, and that potential scene gets me rolling on the floor. Felony laughing.

When I am calm enough to continue I think I might be on to something, so I devise in depravity a segue to allow a live demonstration of this theory in spin class. OMG, is my knee-jerk response, they will NOT GET IT, not so much because of them, but because I know the borderline impossible complexity of a successful delivery. and I will be there on stage, with pure hell to pay, a sentence every stand-up comedian knows as a verdict worse than lethal injection or the gas chamber, or both.

There is no way I can pull it off. Not no way, not no how.

So of course, I try it.


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