Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 11.225 I am Crying (like Seattle Rain)

We are doing an ascending variation of our nearly famous Super Eights.

We are adding one each week, in place of a 'normal' session.

The experiment is designed to see if we continue on a positive linear tangent from this process, or if the previous format of eight weeks on at eight reps, and then eight weeks completely off, promotes adaptation and growth 'better' or 'faster'.

Today is day six. Meaning that we go all-out, max, 100%, all-in for thirty seated seconds. This is followed by ninety seconds of recovery and repeated for the six-pac.

I took a rare day off yesterday, only running an early two miler with Junior. I slept well despite three nocturnal trips to the head.

Interestingly enough, I am not only hitting my target wattage but substantially exceeding it on every try. As if this wasn't data enough, my heart rate, which has been inching up since January, is remaining at what used to be 96% or so.

I am producing more peak power with less effort. I find this amazing.

We get through the session, ending with a timely and delicious Mark Knopfler folkie called Seattle. We stretch, warm down and give ourselves a nice little well deserved, congratulatory round of applause.

Then something happens.

I am still in the attempt to understand what exactly, it was.

I stand filled with a golden light indicating that high value, pure energy and love of life in the present magical moment are all here. It is as if I can see, touch and taste everything that has led us to this moment. All the pain, suffering, heartache, struggle, joy, love and hope is crackling deep in my heart and right in front of my eyes. It is as transcendent as translucent.

I am giving instructions to the group on the final pose with a broken voice and I look up to gauge the effects, if any, on the group. I mean, ARE YOU FEELING THIS TOO?

I glance around the room making eye contact and I see compassion and love.

The song ends.

I am crying.

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