Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Day 11.218 We Inch Closer

We inch closer.

One step at a time.

We take the first step - and keep on stepping.

Until we step to the plate.

And that is the game. We keep on stepping to the plate. We tap bat onto side of cleat, removing debris and dirt. This to aid our swift counter-clockwise circle of the sacks. We dig in. We find a zen-like combination of awareness, preparedness, focus and relaxation. Finally, we signal to opposition and arbiter with body dialect, that we are ready and a pitch may take place.

Pitch on way, game on.

Interestingly, there is no limit to the number of pitches we can see in any at-bat. Are you enjoying the metaphor? You can foul off a dozen or more and still be in the batters box, awaiting the one that perfectly suits your tastes.

The best in the business fail to reach even first base seven times out of ten.

A failure rate like that in the business world will get you unemployment compensation faster than a Nolan Ryan heater.

I think we can take a valuable lesson from baseball players. Seriously, how the heck do you justify striking out with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth? Looking? In front of 50,000 fans and a national TV audience? Not to mention Mom.


Your current 'failure' will lead to future success if…

…you stay in the game. Little League or The Show.

Once you quit, once your temper becomes a team liability, if and when you walk away, that golden opportunity vanishes right along with your right of redemption.

Maybe that is the reason they play 162 games.

To practice failing.

And get better at it.

One step at a time.

We inch closer.

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