Monday, November 9, 2015

Day 11.223 Cut

I was asked a simple question the other day.

It was during a rehearsal session for our audio/video presentation for the new site.

The engineer was working on audio logistics while the producer was directing the camera, focus, material and scene set ups.

All I had to do was sit there and act naturally. And then smile, speak and try not to be a jerk, simpleton or salesman.

I am still not sure who had the easier job.

We had decided to tape a few tests of the upcoming 'Mail Bag' feature where I answer questions with a video response. Once the engineer and producer were happy with their preparations, we needed a test question. The producer looked at the engineer and signaled for him to pose a hypothetical question in my direction.

"I have tried cycling, bought an expensive new bike, joined a Gym specifically for the spin classes, did it for about a month, ate better, cut back on pizza and beer, felt great and lost weight."

"Super", I respond, hoping there might soon come a question.

"But, like many other things in my life, I couldn't make it last, I lost interest, motivation and desire. It didn't matter if I got fat, gained weight and went from a Dad bod to a Grand Dad bod. I lost it. How do you make it last?

"Super question, sir, really good one", I replied trying to buy some time to formulate a decent response with the camera rolling and all eyes and ears fixed on me.

"I think it is very similar to the other big question that sooner or later confronts us all, the 'how do we make love last' one. And I think that the answer is as mysterious as it is obvious. YOU HAVE TO WORK AT IT. You have to attend to it, listen to it, embrace it, desire it, respect it, revere it, honor it and relax into the sheer joy of having it. However so briefly it may come to us. You must work it. And then learn to love the work."

I was now on a roll and I noticed the two talented technicians we're watching with eager eyes, wanting more.

"So it is imperative that we find some combination of will power, gratitude, acceptance, zeal, gumption and glee to accompany us on this path as partners. We do this because it IS us. It defines us. We are what we do. And we do this as routine, as discipline, as a way to fine-tune ourselves and lead our community through dark days when society judges us solely on the accumulation of gadgets, the cut of costume cloth and financial accomplishment. Respect is proven without a single utterance when one shows the understanding, the enlightenment, the responsibility of taking care of one's body. Because the power in that will directly lead to the responsibility we have in nourishing our minds. Which, of course, creates a foundation stable and strong enough to allow us to consider the role of spirit in all that we do. Truly a mission of eternal proportions. And it all starts with riding your bike."



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