Thursday, November 5, 2015

Day 11.219 The Fine Line


The above is a line.

It connects the start and the finish, point A from B as they like to say in geometry circles.

Ask ten people what they think it to be and you might get ten different opinions.

Mine today is this:

It is a fine line. You know the one that we cite often when speaking of things that are related by degree.

As  example, we all know that there is a fine line between heaven and hell. Right?

Between truth and what the politicians like to call strategic misrepresentation.

Renown director Ridley Scott once said the line between deep inspiration and nausea was a fine one.

Fact from fiction?

Winning from losing?

Rags from riches?

Art from garbage?

Humor from sarcasm?

Fitness from fatness?

Love from ego?

Duty from devotion?

Food from fuel?

Awareness from comatose?

Talking from doing?

Knowledge from Wisdom?

Fine lines all. Yet however thin the line appears to be, we all know instinctively what side we need to be on. The line in the sand, the battle line of our daily skirmish is what separates us from the light and radiant energy of life. Maybe the line isn't as thin as we think. We need to find the courage and motivation to cross. Every day. We must make quality choices that further our understanding of self. Maybe the line is fatter than fine, maybe finer than frogs hair. The metaphor stands. Do you want some change?

Is there a fine line we need to cross today?



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