Thursday, November 19, 2015

Day 11.233 I am Scared

Posted: Just in case you were not 100% sure, I will tell ya.

With nary an uncertain term.

Fear kills.

Fear of failure.
Fear of success.
Fear of the unknown.
Fear of the known.
Fear of loss.
Fear of gain.
Fear of snakes.
Fear of rakes.
Fear of death.
Fear of life.
Fear of trespassing.
Fear of being trespassed upon.

Get the idea?

One could spend one's entire life in fear.

The architects of our fear-based society (you want me to name them?) manipulate our hard-wire desire for safety and security (that is a desire, a want, NOT a need) by robbing us blind with hallow and preposterous reasoning that we must defend ourselves from the pending apocalypse by building walls, eavesdropping phone conversations, videotaping everyone everywhere, strip searching seniors in wheelchairs at regional airports, restricting access to data and insisting that our over crowded jails, institutions and penitentiaries are provided to protects us.

Protect us from what, exactly?

From the very freedoms through which we define ourselves? From the heart and soul of our constitution and the spirit of openness and generosity that fueled our growth and built our prosperity?

Build walls, arm the population, stop immigration, rat on your neighbor for religious intolerance, build up the military, eliminate social programs and, and, and, what have I missed?

Oh yeah, watch TV.


Fear the Republican agenda folks, that is the scariest scenario I have yet to witness.

And I am scared they have succeeded.

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