Sunday, November 8, 2015

Day 11.222 Oh That Magic Feeling

"Everyone in this room is going to be gone pretty quickly – and we will have either made something or not made something. The artists that inspire me are the ones that I look at and go, 'Oh my god – you didn't have to go there. It would'v been safer not to – but, for whatever reason, you did.' And every time death happens, I'm reminded that it's stupid to be safe... Usually, whatever that is – wherever you don't want to go, whatever that risk is, wherever the unsafe place is – that really is the gift that you have to give." Amanda Palmer.

This serendipitously came may way this morning. Like a runner on a beach you can watch moving in long-distance slow-motion towards you.

As most of you know, we are about to embark on another journey. One that while having an unlimited upside, scalability and potential, also possesses enormous risk. I guess an appropriate snapshot image might be the gambler sitting in front of a sea of green felt with a single chip remaining, floating innocently on that sea of chance. Or a kid on a new bike showing off to Mom & Dad riding with no hands.

Scared? Hell yes. I have more doubts today than Hillary, Bernie and Ben combined. They fail and return to their country homes to retire with the opulence of fortunes amassed. I, on the other hand, might starve.

So yeah, I am a little nervous.

But we are going to make something. I am fully committed to this. I am all in. As Amanda Palmer notes above, 'it is stupid to be safe'. This gift, however humble, will be created from the sweat of brow, torque of muscle and purity of soul. Its value will come from the honest effort of altruism.

We cannot fail. All we can do is our absolute best, use a few risky colors, sing an off-key melody with a monster back beat, let the spirit within write the script. I am just the middle man here.

If you are lucky enough to know this feeling you know it to be as frightening as it is exhilarating. There aren't too many things in life that compare. Facing our fears, with everything on the line and nothing to lose.

Oh that magic feeling, nowhere to go.

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