Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Day 11.217 From the copy shop


AT BEST INDOOR CYCLING we offer you a partnership. One of lasting value, dedicated to the simple principle that progress is a process. We believe that two elements are crucial towards our success;

    ONE: Together we must master the theories associate with exercise physiology, using our experience and your dedication to achieve results in an entertaining and effective manner.

    TWO: Together we must master the practice. That means using the tools and techniques that have been proven to produce positive results. We must make it urgent and it must be important.

We'll use our extensive video library to demonstrate these principals calling on experts from the health, fitness, training and racing communities for commentary. These create a powerful, instructional and motivational mix to develop your foundational baseline - our chance to train indoors for holistic and enjoyable improvement.

All you need is the desire for change. Our focus is on getting you started and then assisting with your personal process. Whether your goal is to drop 25 pounds, add 25 watts or shave 25 minutes from your Ironman time, the ways and means remain strikingly similar. You must take the first step - and then keep stepping.

We'll show you how we do all this in our CompuTrainer Multi-Rider facility. We'll demo training videos, ride actual courses and conduct our bread and butter drills to demonstrate our indoor training secrets. We'll show you how we do it here - so you can do it there, in your home, your club, in a gym, fitness center or Multi-Rider facility.

We believe that the most important item on your fitness list should be spending consistent quality time in saddle. We'll also offer information on nutrition, rest and recovery strategies and a thousand supporting topics that each contribute to your success.

We want to be your training partner. We want to share. We all want improvement.

Please subscribe today to Best Indoor Cycling.com - and let's saddle up - and ride.

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