Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Day 11.232 I Deserve Nothig

I guess I have weird way to dealing with it.

Maybe its not so weird, and perhaps it is simply because it seems to be so popular, but I have always been able to 'override' the urge.

It is the 'I deserve this' justification. Also known as Excuse Number 3,432.

Works something like this:

I worked hard on the stationary bike this morning so I deserve a bacon flavored, triple creme, extra sugary, chocolate and caramel garnished venti frappacino.

The male version, sorry ladies, is very similar:

I worked hard on the turbo this evening so I deserve this slab of beef with gravy and potatoes smothered with saturated fat and deep fried in oil thick enough to lubricate a Volkswagen chassis.

Do either of these sound remotely familiar?

How about this one?

I am a successful and responsible member of society, I pay my share of taxes and vote. I am about ready to retire to the lake house as soon as my portfolio adds just one more percent of value. I deserve this cigar and fourth snifter of brandy.


I have three kids in school, I keep the house clean, shop and prepare three meals a day. I play tennis every Wednesday. I deserve this tiramisu and bottle of pinot noir.

And know what?

You are right. You do. You deserve everything. You work hard. You work out. You mow your lawn, don't use roundup or a silly leaf blower and go to church whenever your football team isn't playing.

Know what else?

Your body doesn't care. Not one bit. It is designed to deal with whatever you toss its way. Not to worry it will find a convenient place to store all that excess fat just as naturally as it will deal with metabolizing an imbalance of alcohol. Want to sit all day, take the elevator and drive everywhere? Not a problem boss.

I feel like this a lot. I think I deserve a lot of things. I LOVE glaze doughnuts. I like beer. I think I deserve a million dollars in my bank account and a new Mini Cooper out front.

So maybe I am a little weird because I also think that I 'deserve' nothing.

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