Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 11.226 Lots of Room


Ideas, concepts, strategies and observations.

Things that fill our goodie bag, 'cause nobody calls it the baddie bag. That is a vegetable of a completely different nature, one we will save as topic for another rainy day.

In no particular order, the elements to which I refer are as follows:


These all fit nicely into the bag. The bag we now call the 'new' bag.

The new bag holds all the elements that are to comprise the meaning behind what is surely to be a long, arduous, challenging and rewarding trip. I am seeing a hobo shuffle down the railroad tracks with all his belongings  in a sack tied to a stick and carried over his shoulder. He is singing a folk song, might be Woody Guthrie, Marty Robbins or Dylan. He is happy. As he should be.

As we should be too.

If our bag is filled with the treasure of experience and wisdom, our courage is profoundly carved from valor and virtue, if our accountability is to our deepest self and if that authenticity fills our hearts and souls with song, the alchemy of elements are worthy of art. High art.

There isn't room in that tiny cloth for cash, diamonds, cars, or shiny expensive gadgetry.

But there is room for more art.

Lots of room.

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