Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 11.227 Please Do

"The real thing, he was saying, is this:

"The people who rely exclusively on data should incorporate some emperics into their workouts, and the people who ride solely by feel, or RPE, might want to see what some scientific testing and monitoring could do."

"Similarly, he continued, there are two divisions here that need to be individually addressed. There are the folks whose desire is to get faster by adding to their strength and speed capabilities, and then there are those who's needs focus on power-to-weight ratio. As athletes they have completely different goals in mind and as coaches our formidable task is to provide structure to satisfy both. "

"Could we have a situation where in the same room we have one athlete who trains by power - yet for optimum improvement should be slimming down and toning up first and foremost, while sitting next to her rides another athlete who trains by feel but needs a data shot in the arm?"

"Leave us not forget that other factors add to the complexity as well. The plot thickens when we examine the goals of each. Are they racing? Training for a century ride? Is this about health and fitness more than outdoor performance? Have they that burring desire to win, or is this a 'never-say-die' strategy to maintain the hard earned fitness of several decades?"

"Now we have the athlete who trains by power indoors, races by feel out, wants to finish near the top, but rides more for enjoyment and exercise than sport. Sitting opposite the athlete who rides by RPE, is addicted to HR info, casually rides with a Saturday group at a 'smell-the-roses' pace and sees training more as fun than hard work."

"The possibilities and mash-ups, while not limitless, are many. Toss in age, DNA, history of injury, family and vocation responsibilities, success in dealing with rest and recovery, philosophical and political beliefs, and holy smokes we got a good one here."

How do we proceed? Where do we start? What can we do right now? Which school of thought is right? Are there any strategies that satisfy all criteria that we can put immediately into play?

"Yes, he said, in a staid and serious tone, there is."

"Show each one the value of change. Slowly, safely and in a secure environment, allow them to see, feel, touch, smell and taste the things they currently lack and provide an opportunity for growth by the experimentation of established and successful protocols. The body will appreciate the enlistment of the mind, the mind will strengthen the resolve of the body and in each scenario the spirit will get up and dance upon commitment of the two."

"You cannot lose. Even if winning was never the primary directive."

Wow, can I quote you in that?

"Please do."

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