Friday, November 6, 2015

Day 11.220 Statue of a Big Dick, thanks Frank

In the same way that corporations are not people, you are not a target demographic. Whomever was the brilliant marketing expert that paid enough political payola to enough sleazeball politicos to enable this massively corrupt scandal, I salute you. You are good, you enriched the already super affluent in a way that covered their greed with the blanket of law.

As many froze to death without a home, a job or even a slice of stale bread.

My quote of the day comes, relevantly enough, from one of the world's most misunderstood and under appreciated artists of all time. His name was Zappa. You know the guy. About as far from pop music as one could get without putting headphones on a pine tree. He said this:

"Politics are the entertainment arm of the military-industrial complex"

Frankly, and sadly, I think this is true.

So please excuse my apathy and apolitical lack of exuberance for the current theater of the absurd popular during this disgusting four year cycle.

The puppet minions in the House want to build a statue honoring a war criminal. Two of them actually. Please excuse me while I run to the toilet and puke. On their behalf, this might be a mandate from the founding fathers, the original Mothers of Invention. Never the less.

It is our fault. We (the people) are to blame. We created this hoax, this charade, this denouncement of democracy. We elected these evil purveyors of greed. The hypocrisy in all this registers on the Geiger counter of society with greater volume that military grade uranium. I guess that with enough money in off-shore accounts you can hear whatever you want.

And we bought into it. We said, hell yes, protect us from aggressors that threaten our interests in foreign countries. Keep our buildings safe. Build walls to separate us from them. Tap our phones and data mine us until all the bad guys are incarcerated. Sure charge us for it, freedom is not free, right? It is far most important that our military has more planes, ships and technologies than our people have affordable health care, access to clean air and water, make a living wage and see their kids get an education. So the marketeers created the opposition. They then threatened us with fear of terrorism. It exists everywhere, they tell us with exceptionally well scripted propaganda, so please remove your shoes and belt, empty your pockets and bend over. It is for the greater good.

The greater greed.

So imagine my challenge this chilly, gray and misty November morning when I sat at keyboard with the intent to define our new site's target demographic. This chore to better understand and attract our audience. As required by the latest strategies to acquire fresh eyes. In a somewhat digital progression from the old school methodologies addressing, as example, white 35-45 year old males with 60K income, two cars, a boat and a pair of kids still in school, we now deploy key words, search terms and hashtags to optimize search engines, all to provide us with URLs owned by, yes, our target demographic.

And here is the kicker. Many of those in our target group, the latter example, share  common attributes with those that, for reasons I am still trying to understand, also belong to the former.

They, right or wrong, in the 1% or in the remaining 99, Catholic or Muslim, black or brown, with an MBA or a GED, Republican or Libertarian, of corporate consciousness or fiercely independent, fit or fat, happy or depressed, Yankee or Reb, young or old, straight or gay, hawk or dove, married or single…

…constitute our audience. Because we are all in this together. We are united, remember?

People are people. We all seek good health and the means to obtain it. We all want the fitness necessary to achieve our dreams and goals. We all want some modicum of hope and peace of mind. We all seek the unconditional love that comes only from service, honor and devotion.

I am so very pleased that our new service offers all this.

I will take it in lieu of a statue any day of the week.

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