Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day 11.231 Hold Onto Your Hat

Remember when TV news started getting good at weather forecasting? I am not sure there was a definitive, trackable dot on that graph but it might have been December 22, 1966.

At the time meteorologists were forecasting at about the same success rates as middle infielders were reaching base, meaning that the good or lucky ones, got it right about 27.5% of the time.

Which is OK because I have always been from the school of now.

Wanna know if the sun will shine today?
Go outside and walk around. See what happens.

In the winter take a jacket and in the summer don't forget the sunscreen.

Preparing for a weekend bike trip is one where, today, we use weather forecasting to plan. And prepare. Often the go-no go decision is based upon the amount of rainfall predicted for the target area.

I guess this would be a natural segue into the joys and benefits of indoor training, because not even the local commuters who brave the slippery darkness and sideways precipitation actually like riding in it, but I will resist, that is not why I bring it up today as grist for the blog mill.

It is because we are supposed to get 60-70 MPH winds today. I can almost guarantee as a result of this gale force breeze that we will lose power. So I have completely rearranged my morning in response. Blogging and video editing are hard enough even with a steady stream of power and connectivity.

As footnote here, why cities and utility companies have not as yet committed to the costly infrastructure of burying cables underground to avoid the annual outages borders on the criminal. I cannot tell you how many photos and videos I have lost due to the stark ugliness of a half-dozen power lines running parallel to the horizon as I shoot.  How and why we allow this blight to continue is another testimony to the power of slimy corporate propaganda. And you thought that big oil never knew the damage they were, and continue to inflict on our environment? The only reason why power, phone and unity lines cannot be placed underground is money. Bottom line (ahem) profits, retrofitting and labor. Shame on you big power and fat cat bureaucrats.

Still, that is not the topic, just another tangent to fire ranting arrows towards.

What I wanted to introduce today before I return to analog world and go for a long hilly run, is this:

Three battles, besides the above, we will fight today, and I will be referring to these many times in the next few days, so please prepare thine fine self for the rhetorical barrage.

Today and for the remainder of our time here we will all have to deal with three rather sobering facts. They are these:

1) Decreasing cardio capacity
2) Increasing body fat
3) Decreasing muscle mass

Not real good news if you want to improve your health and fitness, want to ride long, run a marathon, compete in a triathlon or see the grandkids graduate from your Alma Mater.

But wait, before you head to the medicine cabinet for two 'numb and happiness' pills, please know that we have a plan. There are ways to delay this onslaught of physical and mental entropy. There IS a fountain of youth - but we need to drink from it daily. There is good news, THIS is good news. The sun will shine in your front yard again.

And I think you know what must be done to transform that knowledge into wisdom.

In case you have, like so many of us are prone to do, forgot, avoided, sought shelter from or outright denied the benefits of, please be advised that we are here to remind you and assist in your reformation. It is almost too late. You have to choose now. And now means NOW.

Today has to be that dot on the graph where you decide, pledge, commit and affirm to do whatever it takes to walk towards the light of healthy effort and the robust rewards of fitness.

High winds might blow away our power today, but that isn't the power we seek.

The forecast calls for gale force wind of improvement. It is 12.22.66.

Hold onto your hat.

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